I’m not sure when to start doing it I’m not sure why it’s not done already Changing is inevitable. It’s not impossible. It’s not cliche. It’s not hard. Everything changes daily, every second Type shit. Prices in stocks, of items, men’s hearts, the dollar worth. Your hair is growing The wind is blowing Everything is … More

I have a nice outfit on today. Some overalls my mom sent me. I went to my therapy class this morning. It was talking about postage experiencing. Brushing your teeth can be a positive experience smelly breathe to clean Cleaning the dishes makes you feel good after Dancing your ass off in front of the … More

I went and saw this lady yesterday. A light worker, gate keeper, all tore to universe in human form. It was beautiful and brilliant. The vibes were so strong I could throw up. I always get touched in environments like that and feel secluded in my own dwelling while I’m alone. It’s weird what that … More