I refuse to beAnother book on the shelfAnother “she was doing so good”Another “I thought she was fine”Another “this is my last time”Another stat for health servicesAnother soul people have to mournAnother sad story to tellAnother angel that fell but never got back up..🤍🕊 ..

For good <3

You played my favorite strings Like the one on your guitar Thought you were the one for me but love ran too far They say you put me out like your last cigarette A silhouette outside your door You never took me for much more than a whore Venus retrograde let us co exist for … More For good ❤

“I get high when I’m upset” LND My life is not that bad for me to be thinking the way I do and not doing the things I want to do The bullying and yelling of my childhood stuck so hard and wired my brain the wrong way I have short circuits all the time … More

You can’t stop noticing in you what you know you have because other people were too blind to see it -me Xoxo💋


things work for you until they no longer work for you allow yourself to move at a pace to feel the shift so you can always be in a state of flow and adaptability Xoxo💋

A twister 🌪

Ha cause you was never really there for me Look at all this shit had to get it on my lonely Another casual fatality Do you ever even feel me? Or just need me? To do something for you that you can’t do for yourself Which is distract it, impact it Negatively, but did you … More A twister 🌪

if this covid 19 does not kill me I sure have been contemplating it.